Traveling During a Pandemic

My first thought when it comes to traveling during a pandemic is that it is not recommended. We do not recommend or promote this. It may be effective to consider traveling by car, first. However, things happen, people need to travel due to emergencies, etc. Because I know it can be difficult to avoid in certain situations, I wanted to create a post for our readers on what to expect, essentials, and some self affirmations during this stressful event. 


On Labor Day, I had to travel out of state for a family emergency. Because it was Labor Day, the flights did not leave middle seats open, allowing for further precautions for social distancing. This had me anxious about flying. If it weren’t a family emergency, I wouldn’t have gone. Please be warned, and check ahead of time, what precautions the airline is taking, and if the flights are filling the rows, are doing extra sanitation cleanings, etc.

The extra precautions the airline took that I flew included: 

  1. Cleaning the surface of the plane prior to boarding
  2. Providing sanitizing wipes as we boarded (in which I would give my seat, buckle, arm rests, and tray table another wipe down)
  3. They provided snack packs with water, snacks, and another sanitizing wipe
  4. We were required to wear our masks the entire time (except for brief times while eating or drinking). 

Disclaimer: There were no temperature checks at my airline.

Here are some traveling essentials:

  1. necessities for flying. I definitely don’t need to tell you that, but this is an essentials list. Always have some money on you in case you need to buy some snacks, beverages, or have an emergency.
  2. Snacks – We always have snacks pre packed in our backpacks. Easy snacks include granola bars, trail mixes, chips, candy, Sandwiches, veggie or fruit snacks, and cracker snacks. It might help you save some money to bring snacks from home.
  3. Extra hoodie – A pro tip I have learned while traveling is to always have an extra hoodie on me as a PILLOW. I have also had moments where someone forgot a jacket and they borrowed the hoodie.
  4. Electronics – I like to bring my phone, my tablet, and my switch (reminders to put your Nintendo Switches on Airplane mode)
  5. Chargers – I always make sure to have my chargers with me. You may also be interested in portable chargers or a battery pack for your phone. Especially when the pandemic dies down, these products can be useful essentials for theme parks, all-day outings, road trips, and more.


    You can find these products here: 
  6. Earbuds / headphones – Please do not forget these! I forgot these on my first flight that I mentioned earlier, in which I was already feeling anxious and one edge, and there was a crying baby on board.
  7. Travel sanitizers and hand lotions – As someone who is prone to super dry skin, I love to purchase the travel size Gold Bond lotions. They are amazing! Hand sanitizer is an obvious necessity, even when not in a Pandemic.
  8. Chapstick – Much like the lotion, your lips may easily get chapped while traveling.
  9. Masks and Sanitizing Wipes
  10. Any extra activities – sketchbooks, books to read, a Rubix Cube, etc. Anything to keep you from getting too bored.

Continue reading for some affirmations / positive things to help while traveling.

Traveling by flight during this time can be really anxiety producing. I want to remind you all of some words of affirmations and or positive activities that may help you while pursuing this journey: 

  1. Focus on what you can control. COVID causes lots of anxieties and feelings of lacking control, so it might be useful to focus on the little things you can control.
  2. Breathe. Activities such as breathing and meditation are some effective ways for quieting the mind. Something I like to do to truly keep my mind focusing on breathing is counting each deep breath.
  3. Bring a journal and journal your thoughts, fears, and anxieties.
  4. It is valid and okay to express these anxieties and stresses to loved ones or friends (especially those you are traveling with, if you are traveling with others).
  5. This is not an ideal situation, but it is not an absolute certainty that getting on the plane will give you COVID. I tended to forget this, and viewed the situation very black or white.

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