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Special Edition
Allen & Houston Magazine

Let’s start here if you have no idea where to start. There is a lot to learn and unlearn, and takes ongoing practice to integrated into our lives. It can be really hard for people to know what to say when it comes to racism, and it is ok to have fear. We can use our morals, skills, knowledge, and given talents to value and protect humanity. But silence is no longer an option. Before you walk away, or think it’s not worth the trouble to respond, your voice could be the one that helps the next person say no to prejudice. Together, we can make a difference.

Featuring Tosin Akinkunmi, Amber Haney, Amaranthia Sepia, Sean Williams

Special Edition
Class of 2020
Allen & Houston Magazine

Congratulations to the Class of 2020! This special magazine release is dedicated to you. We see the hard work, the resilience, and all of the effort that you have put into making this milestone a reality. This release is our way to celebrate you, and celebrate all the people who have provided you the love and support to help you get to where you are today. Allen and Houston Magazine hopes to uplift your spirit through this release, and through the support from our community.

Featuring Nathaniel Catbagan, Brett William Childs, Emily Gray, Hannah Jones, Shannon Kao, Serrina Lee, Marly Ludwig, Seohee Ruby Shin, Christopher Stoltz, Sydney Wilde, Jeanie Woo, Anson Yu, and Professor Ann Cutting


Volume II Issue V 
Do Your Best, Forget The Rest
Allen & Houston Magazine

The mindsets of Jappy Agoncillo, Jasmine Kelly Rutherford, Will Luo (Will fm), and Yajie Niu demonstrate an inspiring resilience and the epitome of Do Your Best, Forget the Rest. Their journeys are a powerful reminder of how strong we can be when our minds are focused.

Special Edition: 
Taking Care of Our Mental Health
During a Pandemic
Allen & Houston Magazine

All profits from this special edition goes to Direct Relief [ ], a nonprofit which works in the United States and internationally to equip doctors and nurses with lifesaving medical resources.  #artistsupportingartist

Volume II Issue III 
Allen & Houston Magazine

When was the last time you really looked in the
mirror? What did you see?

Featuring artists from around the world: Alice Scheuerman, Christopher Pryde, Chiu, Jessie Chieh, Johanna Cheng, Marys, Shaghayegh Tafreshi and Seyit Ares

Volume II Issue IV 
Making a Mark in Sustainable Fashion
Allen & Houston Magazine

With New York based visual artist – Elanur Erdogan, fashion designer – Alanna Josephine Beneroff, founder and creative director of fashion label Doh Tak Keh -Juhi Melwani. Photographed by Joey Wang, creative directed by Yueyao Li


Volume II Issue II 
Portrait of Empathy
Allen & Houston Magazine

“This release, Portrait of Empathy, is a brief insight of my trip to Italy’s appreciation. Furthermore, the rich, beautiful Italian history & culture has inspired me to recognize emotions in others, and have a better understand of others’ perspectives.”  – Editor in Chief

Volume II Issue I 
We Believe, We Hustle:
Success Doesn't Come Overnight

by Allen & Houston Magazine

Happiness is Not a Destination: How to Enjoy the Journey. Thank you Amy Maria Tong, Daniel Trujillo, Kong, Salise Marin and Thunder Khajonsak Sudsue for sharing your powerful journey with us!

Allen & Houston Magazine – Collaborative Dreaming

Collaboration Takes Us Further Than Competition, sharing ideas with some of the best creatives in the industry – Lyena Hironaka Kang, Virginia Kluiters, Nicole Dubravski, Sydney Salpetro and Issie Wing


Allen & Houston Magazine – I Will Get Better For You, I Promise

The Powerhouse that is Teela Wyman, a future doctor of jurises, cancer fighter and artist. Wyman’s strength is big enough not only fight for herself, but for a new humanity. 

Featuring artists: Teela Wyman, Hannah Hope, and Oncology Dietitian Nichole Giller.

Allen & Houston Magazine presents Jeorge Flores and Alice Scheuerman 

Two talented artist that tell us what it takes to become an inspirational leader. They overcame their life obstacles, and are now driven to inspire and empower others.




One year Annniversary of Allen & Houston Magazine.                                                                                                                          

Allen and Houston presents featured artists- Lyena Hironaka Kang, Matthew Davignon, Fifefantasi, Issie Wing, Zhou Zhou Timotete, and Hugo Marongiu.