Must Try Halloween DIYs

This Halloween, us at Allen and Houston Magazine want to celebrate creativeness and inclusion with this season’s Halloween celebrations. One of my favorite spots for inspirations any season and for any project is Pinterest. I’ve decided to dig out some of my top favorite Pinterest Halloween DIY projects. We want to remind our readers that creativity does not always have to be expensive, difficult, and out of the realm of possibilities. These DIYs range in difficulty, time required, and supplies. However, anybody can make them. I hope you are all able to take away some inspiration – be creative with them! Even if you can’t celebrate Halloween day, this year, take the time to treat yourself with some DIY crafting. Halloween is its own season! 

The first set of DIYs is cheap, easy and SPOOKY DIY Decor!  12 Dollar Tree DIY Halloween Decorations to Scream About by Evelyn for the The Krazy Coupon Lady. This blog post not only includes this spooky, vibrant, and easy glowing mason jar, but includes plenty of other decor ideas from Ghost string lights out of ping pong balls, Halloween vases, specimen jars, and more. Even better, most of these DIYs are dollar tree based and require a minimum number of supplies.


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The next set of DIY projects are the perfect way to treat ourselves this Halloween season – SNACKS. I personally loved munching on candy melt drizzled pretzels last year and decided to find some new inspiration and recipes this year. Here are some of the Halloween snack recipes I personally find creative and definitely want to try:


The first treats are these adorable MINI PUMPKIN PIE RICE KRISPIE TREATS by Beth on her The First Year baking and dessert blog (@beth_thefirstyear on Instagram)! Although not a spooky treat, nothing catches my attention more than an adorable and creative take on a classic dessert! 

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I couldn’t help but also give a shout out to Beth’s BUBBLING WITCH’S CAULDRON BROWNIES. Such a beautiful, creative, and one can only assume DELICIOUS addition to any Halloween celebration! 

The next treat I’d like to share is a bit more complex, but is perfect for those creative bakers out there! BUTTERFINGER PUMPKIN STUFFED DONUTS by @Grandbabycakes (Instagram) aka Jocelyn Delk Adams. Perfect way to fill any time away from work while fulfilling a sweet tooth!

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The last snack (well, beverage!) is by a creative named Leanna for her website “Life By Leanna” (@Lifebyleanna on Instagram). This Candy Corn Hot Chocolate: Easy Recipe for Kids seems so unique and fun! I have personally never heard of Candy Corn Hot Chocolate and plan on trying it out this year!  

Now, I wanted to also include some fun Halloween costume inspirations! Halloween DIY videos are all over YouTube and Pinterest, but I want to give shout outs to these fun looks!


Before diving into the Halloween Inspiration lookbook, I did want to include one Halloween DIY YouTube video by HGTV! This YouTube video showcases a set of 8 different Halloween DIY costumes. I love this video because it showcases more of a variety than most DIY Halloween YouTube Videos: watch 8 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas – HGTV Handmade here.


Now onto the Halloween lookbook (All found on Instagram)! These will hopefully inspire you to get your creative juices flowing to create your own take on these fun costumes / looks!

Halloween Makeup by Shar @shardidthat
Corpse Bride by GinaBox @ohmygeeee
Frankenstein by Jakobejay @jakobejay
Beetlejuce by Claire Bustos @clairea.b
Lava Girl by Claire Bustos @clairea.b
Halloween Makeup by Keyla Remache @keylaremache
"We are Groot!!!" - Bethany Dyer @kissmedarlingxo
Stranger Things Cosplay with Maggie @maggie_kb

We can definitely celebrate some fun pet costumes, as well!

The perfect gift - Beanie Babies! - Charlie Castle @charlies.castle
"Bat pig! Dunna nunna nunna" - Hamlet @hamlet_the_piggy
"Hiya Georgie" - Finley @finn.the.griffy.mix
Avatar The Last Airbender Cosplay with Naga = NAPPA! @chibbisumichan

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