How to Celebrate a Birthday During a Pandemic

Allen & Houston Magazine Birthday

Today Allen & Houston is celebrating its second anniversary! Our team has decided that we wanted to celebrate through expanding our brand and website to provide us with more ways to connect with our readers, and to continue to encourage creativity and build a community. 

We know it may be difficult and even sad trying to celebrate your Birthday during a pandemic. We hear you and understand those feelings, as well. In honor of the 2nd anniversary of Allen & Houston Magazine, we wanted to bring you a fun tutorial & a list of activities to hopefully help you celebrate your Birthday to the fullest you can! Whether you have a Birthday coming up, or want to find new ways to celebrate a friend or loved one, we hope we can help plan! 

    1. Start the day off right!
      It is your big day! When you wake up, you deserve to feel like it’s your Birthday! Even while at home, make today feel extra special! Play your favorite music, put on your favorite outfit, and get ready for the day as if today is EXTRA special (because it is)!
    2. If you can, keep those Birthday traditions alive (But with a twist)!
      Whether you eat at the same restaurant every year or hunker down with jammies and a good movie,  go out to a big Birthday bash or eat the same cake and ice-cream, try to bring some of those traditions into our new situation. Missing out on these traditions may be sad, but it gives us an opportunity to create new ones! If you aren’t living with family and usually have a big dinner, try to get everyone on a Zoom meeting, Google Hangout, Face-time call (you name it!) for a dinner call. It is not nearly the same, but family time is family time with or without being in person. Maybe put a twist on it and make it a tradition that everyone has to bring a new joke to dinner or someone creates a mystery that needs to be solved by the end of dinner. Take these opportunities to create new traditions while still keeping the root of traditions alive.

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    3. Decorate your home!
      Whether you are living with people or living alone, you can never go wrong with putting up party decorations! This could make for great decor for a roommate (or family) Birthday celebration, a PERFECT Birthday background for Zoom, or just celebrating you! Maybe even get crafty and create some DIY party decorations!

    4. Mini home photoshoot!
      You’ve got yourself all ready, you’ve got your space decorated, now it is time to KNOW how good you look and feel! Photoshoot time! If you live alone, a self-timer is your new best friend! Put on some good music, maybe get some props or scenery set up (or use your Birthday decor!) and let the photoshoot begin!

    5. Have a drive by party or social distance car party!
      We have all seen videos of (or maybe even attended) drive by celebrations, whether that be for Birthdays, graduation, etc. Although a bit odd, it can be so fun and make anyone feel so special! Just plan a set time for everyone to line up in their cars outside the home of the person being celebrated, and they can drop off presents or cards, they can hold up Birthday signs, and they can honk their horns, yell, and sing Happy Birthday. Hey, it is even okay to get some friends together and all go drive out to a parking lot, blast some music, eat some food, and socially distance in your cars. Whether you plan a surprise drive by / social distance party for a friend or family, or you plan one for you, it might be a great way for you to connect and interact with loved ones in person.

    6. Zoom Birthday Party or Surprise Party!
      As cheesy as it sounds, a Zoom Birthday party (or any video chatting platform) could be a fun way to celebrate with your friends and family! You can go all out, having a planned craft session, hitting a Pinata, having everyone sing to you, planning fun video chat games or activities (such as everyone sharing their favorite story or memory with you). If you are older and of age, you can make it more “Adult” and play games like Truth or Drink from Cut. You can also plan a surprise video chat Birthday Celebration with your friends and family! Whatever your activities look like, staying connected and celebrating with friends and family might make your Birthday feel extra special.

    7. Bake! Or Cook!
      We all know when we think “Birthday”  immediately envision a large cake coated in some colored icing and topped with candles! Or, maybe we think of cupcakes, or our favorite ice cream! This might be a great opportunity to get creative in the kitchen & bake (or cook) your favorite recipes! This means you can cook or bake to perfectly match your diet! Whether that means allergies or vegan, this gives you the chance to test out your skills in the kitchen! Treat yourself with a special homemade Birthday dinner and desert!

    8. Zoom movie night!
      Believe it or not, it is possible to have a Zoom movie night! Get on Zoom with a group of friends or with family (or any video calling platform you prefer!), pick what you are going to watch, make sure you are all cozy and have snacks ready. Before you all start the movie, mute your microphones to keep from hearing the movie from each other’s homes, as the movie will most likely be slightly delayed or ahead in someone else’s house. When you’re all ready, press play at the same time. Maybe after the movie, you can turn it into a zoom sleepover!

    9. Self-care pamper night!
      Maybe you prefer something a bit more mellow. Today is about you! Make sure to be taking care of you and what you need (which you should be doing daily, regardless). Today is the day to pamper yourself, whatever that means for you. For some, it may look like a nice bath and candles with your favorite bath bomb, doing your nails and doing face masks. For others it might look like taking some time away from work or stress, stepping away and doing something you never get the time to do (read a book, watch your favorite show, video games, etc). Whatever a “pamper night” looks like for you, today is a perfect day for one!

    10. Try something new!You’re a whole year older! Maybe today is a perfect day for you to try something new! This will allow you new opportunities to learn and pick up new hobbies. There are a multitude of places to search for new things to learn, or to find something specific you have always wanted to try, such as Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. There are also subscription class services, such as Skillshare. Today should be a day you step away from work and life’s stresses and pursue activities or opportunities you don’t usually have the motivation or time to try. 

Let us know if you try out any of these activities in the comments below or on our social media pages! You can find us @allenhoustonmagazine on Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok, and Twitter. 

Allen & Houston Magazine's Birthday

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