allen & houston magazine

Volume III Issue II – Boundless

Featuring Michelle Hébert, RYK, and Vince Perry Jr.:

Even if you feel like life has lost its sense of direction, understand that it’s okay to wander. You will eventually understand your Why’s and you will find your way. Do not follow the crowd, but rather find your own path and see what no one has before.

Through their work, these Infinite Artists – Michelle Hébert, RYK, and Vince Perry Jr., have built a community that not only inspires others but empowers them to see the world in a new light.

Volume III Issue I – Life on Intermission

Featuring Cliftun, Hitomi, and Nabila:

Our achievements in life simply don’t shape us. It’s not enough to explain our human behavior or how we form an identity. When we look at life as nonlinear and step outside of our comfort zones, we realize that our most life changing experiences happen during an intermission. We can look to quarantine as our first intermission in years where we are forced to take a break and pause our lives. During this time we are able to truly reflect on our journey in the rawest sense without any distractions.