allen & houston magazine

featuring Lyena Kang, Tatiyana Elias,
Brian Christopher, and Alan Montes

Allen & Houston Magazine Sara Bernardt
The Most Beautiful
Northern Lights of 2020

featuring Brandon Atlas,
and Sara Bernardt

Diane Coale for Allen & Houston Magazine
Love Yourself to Express Yourself

featuring Diane Coale, Dory BigBlueTang,
Danica Gim, And Dina Ayala

Everybody Can Be Kawaii

featuring Callie Ota-Q, Gemma Sherlock, Gulsah/Frammy Land,
Mameko, and Rikarin

Allen & Houston Magazine Learn to Unlearn

featuring Tosin, Amaranthia Sepia,
Sean Williams, and ARTivism Initiative

Special Edition: Class of 2020
CLASS of 2020

featuring Shannon Kao, Brett Childs, Hannah Jones, Seohee Shin,
Marly Ludwig, Christopher Stoltz, and Nathaniel Catbagan

Taking Care of Our Mental Health During a Mental Health

A Letter to our Community During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Allen & Houston Magazine Do Your Best, Forget the Rest
Do Your Best, Forget the Rest

featuring Jappy Agoncillo, Yajie Niu,
Will Luo, and Jasmine Kelly Rutherford

Vol II Issue III Beauty - Allen & Houston Magazine

featuring Marys, Chiu, Alice Scheuerman, Christopher Pryde, Jessie Chieh,
Johanna Cheng, Seyit Ares,
and Shaghayegh Tafreshi

Volume II Issue IV
Making a Mark in Sustainable Fashion

featuring Elanur Erdogan, Alanna Josephine Beneroff, and Juhi Melwani

Portrait of Empathy
Portrait of Empathy

featuring Tiffany Tran, Lupe Juan, Wissale Ait Lhaj Loutfi, and Heather Rosati

We Hustle, We Believe: Success Doesn't Come Overnight
We Believe, We Hustle – Success Doesn’t Come Overnight

featuring Daniel Trujillo, KONG, THUNDER, Amy Maria Tong, and Salise Marin

Collaborative Dreaming

featuring Nicole Dubravski, Lyena Kang, Virginia Kluiters, and Jia Chen Shi

I Will Get Better For You, I Promise

featuring Teela Wyman, Hannah Hope, and Nichole Giller

Today’s Inspirational Leaders

featuring Jorege Flores, and 
Alice Scheuerman