Volume I

1Year Anniversary Edition
Dreams Grounded in Reality:
The Value of Humility

featuring Lyena Kang, Matthew Davignon,
Issie Wing, Zhou Zhou, and Hugo Marongiu

A Genderless Future

featuring Sean Chong-Umeda, Studio Steeds/Chelsie Coulombie, Wiwa Blue, and Nate Yangkyoon Oh

The Power of Art

featuring Riley Phillips, Emily Froehlich, Hugo Marongiu, Vicki Casper, and Marsha Holland

Savage Beauty

Amelia Romulo, Sean Barnes,
Johanna Godinez, and Hugo Marongiu

Creating to Heal

featuring Hugo Marongiu, Amber Mariel,
and Allen & Houston Magazine

Celebrating the Power of Women

featuring Yuner Shao, Jasmine Pitts, Megan Fitzpatrick, Aminatou Natou Fall,
Teresa Barnes, and Fotility

This Valentine’s Day Love Yourself

featuring George Lynham/Georgieeee Rose,
Jersey Virago/Meagan Kruz, TheresaBlackbird, 
CrazyHeadComics/Matilda Heindow,
and Mallorie Gutowski

Passion to Create

featuring Lyena Kang, Lizette Garza, Nicholas Gonzales, Regina Ruff, Vico Velez,
Sandy Ting Ting Na, and Stephanie Michelle

5th Issue of Allen & Houston Magazine
4th Issue of Allen & Houston Magazine
3rd Issue of Allen & Houston Magazine
2nd Issue of Allen & Houston Magazine
1st Issue of Allen & Houston Magazine

The very beginning of Allen & Houston Magazine 
with Kay’La Bowden