Mental Health

Create Your Own Self Care Ritual

When it comes to creating your own self care or self love rituals, practices, and routines, it is important to acknowledge this shows up in many MANY different avenues. For example, in our newest issue, “Love Yourself to Express Yourself”, the artist Dory Bigbluetang found herself trapped in her own perfectionism and the comparison to other artists and styles.

The Struggling Creative

There are so many struggles creators face beyond the ones that I listed, however these are a few I wrote down out of a thoughtful moment. Every career path comes with its challenges. These are just a few that I face in mine. However, being able to create is something I will never give up, and it is something worthwhile. I hope you all are able to hold on to that same creative hope and energy, even when life is trying to hold you back.

The Myths and Truths of Success

In this blog post, I wanted to point out some of our taught standards of what it means to be successful. My hope is to help remind you all that these are not the only ways of viewing success. Hopefully remembering this will allow us all (including myself) to put less pressure on ourselves. Although a short blog post, these are some things I have had to learn (and am still learning) even recently.