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Voting Plan

Voting allows people to use their voice. It allows people to use their voice for those who don’t have the access and / or ability to. It allows us to use our voice for ourselves, for our communities, and for the movements we believe in.

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Traveling During a Pandemic

Traveling by flight during this time can be really anxiety producing. I want to remind you all of some words of affirmations and or positive activities that may help you while pursuing this journey:

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Mental Health

The Myths and Truths of Success

In this blog post, I wanted to point out some of our taught standards of what it means to be successful. My hope is to help remind you all that these are not the only ways of viewing success. Hopefully remembering this will allow us all (including myself) to put less pressure on ourselves. Although a short blog post, these are some things I have had to learn (and am still learning) even recently.

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Mental Health

More Accesible Resources for Mental Health

A blog post focusing on mental health and resources for treatment, especially hoping to focus on treatment for those who can’t afford out of pocket expenses or whose insurance doesn’t cover what they need.

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Mental Health

Back to School Affirmations and Reminders

Life can be difficult for anybody, in school or not, and hopefully some of these reminders are able to influence you in a positive way.
Featuring Beatriz Yumul and Lindsey Turnbull, founder of MissHeard Media

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10 Minute (or less!) Zoom Makeup Tutorial

Getting ready for the day looks different for everyone. For some people, getting ready for the day begins with teeth brushing, face washing, and a good glam session. Makeup and hair can take TIME and LESS SLEEP, which is one of the reasons I stopped wearing makeup. However, I have minimized my makeup routine, making it easier, less of a time commitment, and it is also lighter on the skin. It can easily be adjusted to more or less, as well.

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