10 Minute (or less!) Zoom Makeup Tutorial

Creating a morning routine can be a challenging task. At the end of the previous school year, I would find myself rolling out of bed five to ten minutes before my zoom meeting. Don’t get me wrong, I would do this when school was in session. However, when school was still on campus, even when waking up five minutes before I had to leave, I still had to commute and had an entirely different setting to begin my day. Starting to create a better routine while education and work is online may help me and others have a better and more habitual routine when we begin commuting again. 

Getting ready for the day looks different for everyone. For some people, getting ready for the day begins with teeth brushing, face washing, and a good glam session. Makeup and hair can take TIME and LESS SLEEP, which is one of the reasons I stopped wearing makeup. However, I have minimized my makeup routine, making it easier, less of a time commitment, and it is also lighter on the skin. It can easily be adjusted to more or less, as well.

  1. Clean face & moisturizer
    Allen & Houston MagazineI like to begin my morning with a fresh face. After sleeping, my face can feel a bit oily, maybe crusty, and in need of a cleanse. Everyone’s skin care routines are different, so this is the time to do yours.

  2. Primer
    I don’t personally use a primer HOWEVER, this step may be helpful or crucial depending on the makeup look you are trying to achieve. If you don’t plan on wearing any foundation or bb cream (this tutorial does not call for any), wearing a primer that helps your skin look even and not red may be helpful, or even achieve a glowy look. If you are wearing foundation, a bb cream, etc., primer may be helpful for filling in pores, adding a glow, etc. I am no professional when it comes to primer, but if it’s your thing, throw it in the routine!

  3. Concealer
    The first step I take is applying concealer. I apply a light amount under my eyes, on my eyelids and on any blemishes or red areas (usually on my nose). I find that on Zoom, my face tends to look red, so applying concealer to help even out my skin usually helps. I usually look for concealers that match my skin (or mixing concealers) as I don’t normally apply foundation or bb creams anymore. I don’t use lighter concealers under my eyes, but use whatever concealers fit the vibe for you.As I am going for a more minimalistic makeup approach, I like to go for lightweight “creaseless” concealers (As I have been picky recently). However, there are some classic and popular concealers to definitely try out, especially if you are a beginner in makeup or are looking for inexpensive concealers to get the job done! One of those is the NYX Professional Makeup HD Photogenic Concealer Wand. This is a creamier concealer, it is lightweight, and it is a less expensive drugstore product. I found it blended really easily into my skin. However, I do want to warn that this concealer creases pretty easily and will definitely need to be set and touched up. I did lightly set it, but it still creased pretty easily. Again, it is creamy and super blendable. For a newer product, you can always test out NYX’s newer concealer Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Contour Concealer. I definitely need to test it out and compare the two! 


  4. Set with Powder if needed
    I usually try to find “creaseless” concealers so I don’t have to apply powder. Some people may not like to apply powder because of dry skin. However, sometimes I do apply some powder just to even my skin out and to keep my concealer in place. 

    Allen & Houston Magazine

  5. Any extra face touches (bronzes, blush, and/or highlighter)Now is the time to quickly add in any of your favorite bronzers, highlighters, or blushes. I’ve been loving the bronze – highlighter duo products, adding a nice summer glow. However, be sure to find a bronzer that works for skin that does not have any previous product down, as some products may get a bit patchy. Same for the highlighter or any blush! As I have been covering up redness, I don’t personally go in with blush with these minimal looks, but definitely feel free to do so!

  6. Mascara & Quick ShadowWhen in a hurry, I usually just dive in straight with mascara and call it a day. However, still just as quick, I will sometimes add a quick shadow on my lids to add some definition. Every once in a while I’ll add a feisty winged liner, but I find this process takes me SO LONG as I am such a perfectionist. However, if this is a quick process for you, or maybe you want to go in with a quick pencil liner of the water / tight line, it can add an extra pop.

  7. Brows
    My brows are super grown out at the moment, so I don’t do much with them except brush them out and maybe add some gel. However, when I do want to make them a bit more defined, I like to do a quick fill (quick few brushed through strokes)  with a brow pencil or EYESHADOW with a brush. Always be sure to brush through those brows when filling in to keep from getting clumpy! For some people, brows might be a long and tedious task. It’s about finding a process that works for you. 

  8. Lips

    This is the time to go in with a quick gloss, maybe a tinted chapstick, or, if you are feeling like you want a little more of a pop, you can definitely go in with lipsticks, gloss and liner duos, etc.

    Some iconic lip products that are especially helpful on a tight budget and for beginners or a quick routine are the NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss and Suede Matte Lip Liner. I am to believe the NYX butter gloss has been in everybody’s makeup collection at one point or another. Drugstore, inexpensive, and can add a nice shine / pop of color. Allen & Houston MagazineImage by Heather Rosati – Allen & Houston Magazine

  9. Last Minute Touch UpsAny spots or creases you want to touch up with powder or any extra steps you want to add or change (such as adding in a setting spray) now is the time to do it!

I do want to end on the note that makeup is something that can be worn to add a boost of confidence and to enhance our natural beauty, or a means for us to let our inner self shine through. It can be a quick little process in the morning to make us feel ready to tackle the day, or it can be a full glam session purely for fun, creativity, and, also, to tackle our day. I just want to remind everyone that we define ourselves. We define our use or not use of makeup. We define the amount. We get to define our individuality and how we represent that. Even if that means too much or not enough. No such thing as too much or too little with makeup. You get to define that for you. 

I also do encourage you all to shop small businesses and black-owned businesses, the pandemic has an effect on smaller businesses, and, right now more than ever, raising up black voices and power is so crucial. 

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